Monday, February 24, 2014

February Goals

Wellllll, my January goals are a little discouraging. I should have known, really. I've been so busy working on our Celebrate Children 5k race, DNOW and my two part-time jobs (that sometimes feel like full-time jobs) that I haven't been doing a good job taking care of myself. Isn't it funny how quickly self-care goes out the window when things get stressful? If I took better care of myself, there's a good chance things wouldn't be as stressful. Catch 22! :) Anyway, I'm giving myself a little bit of lee-way with my goals for February, seeing as there's only one more week of the month to go. And I'm a little swamped because I overcommitted. I don't need to stress myself out with more goals right now. So, here's a January recap and a February goal list. :) 

January goals {recap}
1. Memorize 1 Peter 1:3b. {done!}
2. Read The Book Thief. {done!}
3. Work on kitchen curtains. {failed. maybe in a few months. thinking about this stresses me out.}
4. Finish weeks 1-4 in C25K. {got majorly sick - bacteria infection and all so failed on this one.}
5. Make and list two prints in The Scrapperie and bow scarves. {yup, failed this one too. didn't have time.}

February Goals {even though it's late February}
1. Keep reminding myself of 1 Peter 1:3b. 
2. Read Martha's Rules
3. Work on putting decorations on back wall in the hallway.
4. This month, I'm giving myself a "by-month" with my running. I'll start again in March. 
5. Once again, giving myself a "by-month" on my handmade business.