My name is Mikaela Mathews and I'm a photographer, writer, and crafter located outside of Dallas, Texas. I blog about putting creativity on a mission to eradicate poverty and encouraging women to do the same.

The name "The Scrapperie" came from the U.S. missionary Amy Carmichael. She lived in India for a majority of her life and would often write to her family about her adventures over seas. She called these letters "The Scrapperie." So it's not entirely related to the cause, but it's a cute name.

In addition to blogging, I also own and operate an Etsy shop, selling crocheted items and donating 25% of profits to provide safe drinking water to a village in Ethiopia. Each bracelet means one person gets safe drinking water. Two bracelets means a whole family gets water!

I love getting email ( thescrapperie {@} gmail {dot} com ) and questions of all kinds so don't be afraid to comment or reach out!

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