2014 Goals

Decided to keep it simple this year and only do half of my original goals. I realize that it's a lot catchier to say "14 in 2014" but I know myself. I really can only do seven.

1.  Run a 5k.
2. Find a new Bible Study.  
3. Meet my monetary goals for The Scrapperie
4. Memorize 1 verse/month.
    January - 1 Peter 1:3b {check!}
    February - 1 Peter 1:3b again {check!}
    March - 1 Peter 1:3b again {sort-of}
5. Read one book/month. 
    January - The Book Thief {check!}
    February - Martha's Rules {check!}
   March - nothing. just survive planning the 5k. 
6. Be 2 months ahead with assignments for the magazine each month.
    January - check!
    February - check!
    March - check! 

7.  Complete 1 house project/month.
     January - make and hang kitchen curtains {nope.}
     February - decorations on the back hallway wall {check!}
     March - nothing. just survive planning the 5k. 

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