Sunday, April 6, 2014

A New Name, A New Blog

Soo, remember the time that I told you guys that I was considering changing my shop name? I do love "The Scrapperie", but it has two problems - one, someone else already had it as a scrap booking forum and two, as mentioned in number one, it sounds way too much like a scrap booking place and really doesn't incorporate the vision of my business. So, drum roll please...

Introducing Four Thousand Stories!

Four Thousand Stories sells custom initial calligraphy necklaces in a wide assortment of colors! Scarves  and boot cuffs will come back once winter rears its ugly head again. Each necklace is made by using watercolor paint. So, since each necklace is somehow made by water, portions of the profits will go for water. For each necklace purchased, seven people get access to safe drinking water!  It's estimated that approximately four thousand children die every day because of a lack of safe drinking water.  But we can make those numbers dramatically drop. Lack of safe water isn't a problem waiting for a cure. All we need to do is bring filters or wells to them. And what a fantastic way to introduce the gospel. Just as this water brings life, so does Christ!

I hope to let those four thousand stories continue to be told and with your help, we can!

The shop is already up and running and more products will coming in time. So, if you'd still like to follow along, come join me at the new blog! Can't wait to see you!