Friday, December 20, 2013

A Shop Update

I'm nearing the end of my 6 month experiment with my Etsy shop and I'm just as excited about it as I was back then! I want to continue with my experiment and expand my product line to include scarves for the winter. In the spring, I'm hoping to launch a new fun project that I'm currently working on - to be shared soon!

This Thanksgiving, I had a chance to break away from routine and think more deeply about my business and its future. It was exciting to consider new possibilities and options. I read Handmade To Sell which gave me lots to think about and even my mom got excited about the idea of helping me out if orders ever get too much. She's teaching herself how to crochet and knit, just in case. :)

I decided two big things during that week:

1. I'm going to change my shop's name. 

The Scrapperie is a cute name and I love it, especially the "-erie" at the end. But, it's a little confusing. It sounds too much like a scrapbooking place and after doing some Googling, realized that it is actually a scrapbooking business. So, I'm looking into new options. I'll keep you posted.

2. Increased prices. 
In order to keep my business sustainable, it had to happen. After reading Handmade To Sell, I realized that my prices were currently making me lose money. If I want this to grow, that just can't happen. I was so nervous doing it, but I felt good about it afterwards. It made me feel more like a business woman and more serious about my work.

I have fun and exciting projects on the horizon for January too. Next month, I've got three goals:

1. Ask my husband to help me take better photos of scarves, then list them! (The one above is the only good one from my selfie photo shoot.)
2. Finish making final scarf design, then list.
3. Continue experimenting with a new project.

I'm making progress and blogging about it is helping me see that more clearly. It's not as exciting or glamorous as I thought, but I love it.