Thursday, June 20, 2013

a 6 month experiment

So, I did something crazy. Something was stirring in my creative soul and I couldn't shut it up.

Derek, my husband, was gone for a week so I had a lot of free time to think, brainstorm/brainvent, pray, dream. From that week, I received a lot of clarity that it was time to start moving in another direction. For nearly two years, I've had a photography business and I've truly loved it. But I'm coming to a point in my business in which I need to decide if I truly want to take it to the next level. Each time that I think about that, however, I shudder - not from fear, but from sheer disgust. I don't want to take it to the next level. I could keep it the way that it is, but something doesn't feel quite right about that either.

So in comes my 6 month experiment. During my brainstorming week, I decided that I would take a brief hiatus from photography. I'll still take clients should they stumble my way, but I won't be actively pursuing them anymore. Instead, I'll be focusing seriously on this project: The Scrapperie. It will be two-fold: this blog and my Etsy shop.

The blog and the shop will be an opportunity to support and discuss an issue about which I'm passionate: creativity on a mission. I love talking about social businesses in which a portion of the profits benefit those in need (think Tom's or Warby Parker). Consumer dollars can go towards more than just profits. We can change the world through our purchases. Just think about it - lives can be changed because of what you bought yourself or a friend!

I started The Scrapperie shop almost two years ago, selling random crafting supplies. It did alright, but I wasn't passionate about it. This time around, I'll be selling crocheted bracelets - with a twist. For each bracelet, a person in Ethiopia will get safe drinking water for life. For every two bracelets purchased, a whole family will get water. The money will go towards Compassion International and their effort to build a well in a village in Ethiopia. The shop isn't up yet, but it will be soon.

Today, I hashed out the details of this experiment. It will last until January 12, 2014, when I will evaluate if this is a good experiment. I wrote out five criteria to determine how success will be defined. I'm excited and nervous.

You may notice that there are several blog posts that have already been posted. Almost all of them were on my photography blog (, but I felt that I needed to move them; they felt out of place.

So, I hope that you'll join me in this experiment. Let me know if you're a business that splits profits with a charity; I would love to talk with, feature you, collaborate with you. Never be shy to hit that comment button. I will always reply!

Here's to adventures!! 

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