Wednesday, June 26, 2013

social justice around the web

Need some inspiration to make it through the rest of this week? Well, look no further!

Want to be inspired by examples of women doing things? You may not agree with all of them, but it's still an interesting read. My favorite is #4, Malala Yousafzai. So incredible.

50 Women Who are Changing The World by Business Insider

Want to cry...and be inspired? Because that's definitely what happened to me when I read this post. I re-tweeted this article last week but it deserves a mention in the blog too.

A Boy & His Nanny by Shaun Groves

Want to hear some interesting thoughts on the marketplace + social justice? I haven't listened to the entirety of this talk yet, but seems interesting!

Marketplace As Social Justice by Anthony Bradley

Want to be intrigued by this great film company? I stumbled upon this article in Christianity Today and loved the concept and idea. I hope to someday build a business big enough that I can employ homeless or refugees, just like this film company. My favorite line in this article: "We tell our guys, 'Look, the bottom line is that we need to run a company. So if you can't cut it as an employee, there are plenty of nonprofit programs that will babysit you,' " Staub, 29, says. "That may seem harsh, but if I start looking at you like you can't be the best, I'm not giving you full human dignity.

Making Films With, Not About, The Homeless in Christianity Today 

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