Monday, June 10, 2013

a sweat shop free outfit

I've always wanted to shop consciously with my clothes. I've heard all about the unfortunate and unfair treatment of people trying to simply put food on the table making clothes that I might wear a couple of times. And after the tragedy of the Bangladesh accident, it seems so apparent that we need a change.

But making this change isn't easy and it takes time. I would love for my entire closet to be filled with beautiful clothing and jewelry made by people being paid fairly and for my purchase to have gone to a cause bigger than my attire. But, for now, I'll start buying small items as I can and slowly fill up my closet.

I thought that I would share with you a few of my finds in my search for a sweat-shop free closet! All of these are either made in the U.S. or have strict requirements that their workers are paid fairly. Many also use a portion of their sales to give back to people in need. love. it.

top :: britta top by threads for thought

jeans :: stretch blue denim side zip pant by american apparel

necklace :: bushel and a pick necklace by united by blue

bag :: molly bag by better life bags

shoes :: burlap alessandra ballet flats by toms



  1. LOVE the idea of a sweatshop free closet. What a great goal to have! And holy cow are the things you picked ADORABLE. My favorite is the Molly by Better Life Bags. I wish I could have a whole closet full of BLB.

  2. Aren't they so cute?! These people have good taste. I love Better Life Bags. I'm determined to get that Molly bag at some point in my life. So dang cute!!