Monday, March 25, 2013

A Little Makeover

Like most things in life, movement is a good thing. Being stagnant is almost always not healthy and I'm working to make sure that this blog doesn't become that way.

So I've decided to make a few tweaks and to start adding things a little more regularly. I've done a steady amount of research on how to grow a blog and there's countless posts, books, articles, podcasts, tweets, you name it, all telling you how to do this. It's overwhelming, really. But the overall theme in all the advice I've seen is this: consistent and quality content.

Good content? My gears had trouble spinning and I became frustrated in figuring out how to deliver something of high quality. What could I write about that people would actually want to read? I came up with a list of ideas, but I got bored simply reading the list. How can I keep the content fresh, exciting, authentic?

Then it hit me in the car one day driving to get my hippy, organic shampoo.

In order to provide inspiration or encouragement, I have to live that way. I have to live the content that I want to create.

Do I want to be inspirational? Then may my days be filled with big ideas and the pursuit of such ideas.

Do I want to live minimally? Then may my days be filled with getting rid of what I don't need.

Do I want to encourage creative giving through businesses that give back? Then may I do that myself.

John Piper, in a recent podcast about a writer's influence, said it perfectly: "Writing is living and living is for the glory of God." I always pray that my writing would glorify God. Sometimes it's easy, though to let the words escape the lips and never permeate the flesh. If I want to glorify God in my writing, then I'll glorify Him with my life.

I'm going to live the content that I want to create.

Which will mean a few changes on the blog around here. Every week or so, I'll feature a business that's giving back or that allows you the option to give back. I'm giddy to share these with you!

I've also decided to start making this blog an outlet for you to get to know me, as a photographer and as a person. Writing is as deep a passion as photography. Why not combine them here?

My first philanthropy business post will be on Wednesday! Be on the look out - I'm so excited! :)


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