Wednesday, April 3, 2013

philanthropy post :: smile squared

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Their motto is "Rethink Buying." And I love it. "We believe even small, everyday products, like toothbrushes, can have a big impact on the world."

Do I even need to be writing? Perhaps you would be better off just going to the website yourself.

But I'll indulge myself and keep on going.

Smile Squared sells toothbrushes. They're a one for one company. So for every toothbrush you buy, someone who doesn't own one gets one too.

Seeing this company made me realize that we take something as simple as a toothbrush for granted. In fact, I typically get my year's supply of toothbrushes in my Christmas stocking from my mother-in-law (She is just fantastic like that). But when I think about what it would be like if I didn't own a toothbrush, it can be kind of a big deal. Think of the diseases that can grow within your own mouth. Your overall health can dramatically deteriorate. The solution is so simple: give them a toothbrush!

And that's what these lovely people do.

I even am in love with the packaging. Nice and simple and still lovely all the same. It's even earth-conscious with a 100% recyclable box. The toothbrush handle, too, is biodegradable!

And if you already have enough toothbrushes, but still want to help out, there's an option to buy two toothbrushes for the same price as one and donate

Thanks for what you're doing, Smile Squared! You're making a difference!


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