Wednesday, May 8, 2013

philanthropy post :: Radiant Cosmetics

Ohhh, I'm so excited to share this lovely little company with you this week!

Radiant believes in beauty on purpose. What does that mean, you say? Let's let them explain: "We are not your ordinary makeup company. We believe through ordinary purchases we can make a difference in this world. Radiant Cosmetics was built around a passion to fight human trafficking. With every product you purchase we donate our time, money and effort to help fight the injustice."

Yes, please!

I'm actually currently running out of my over-priced Ulta makeup right now. My next makeup purchase might be some foundation and blush from this fantastic business.

They also deeply care about how their products are made. Most of their makeup is paraben/sulfate free. And, they're working on eliminating these ingredients from the rest of their product line.

They also ensure that their makeup is made from workers that are being paid fairly and their ingredients sourced ethically.

Approximately 20% of their profits go towards fighting human trafficking. They also partner with a ministry called Redeemed Ministries that works to eliminate human trafficking in our own country, even in my own home state, in Houston, Texas.

Radiant is just another testament to consumer money going to good causes. Like Radiant explains, non-profit organizations shouldn't be the only one in the fight to free human trafficking victims. Businesses can bring in the help too.

Let me know if you end up purchasing something from Radiant! I'm going to get some blush here pretty soon. So excited!!

Please note that all photos are compliments of Radiant's website.


  1. Wow, this company sounds great! I may have to make a purchase sometime in the near future. I love everything about them!

  2. I know! I'm so excited about buying from them. :)