Monday, August 26, 2013

Compassion 5k run update #1

On Thursday last week, crazy things happened. They might not have been things worthy of a book, a newspaper article, or even something you would tell a friend. 

But for me, they were wild, out of control, make me smile from deep within things that pound my heart.

I met with our 5k planning committee. It wasn't even the full committee. Only half could make it but we started setting the ball into motion. 

This idea that I had to help build a well is actually happening. 

We have a name. 

We have a date. 

We have a location. 

We have a strategy. 

Already, God is teaching me lessons. 

I saw on Thursday how powerful working as a team can be. These women have ideas that I would have never thought of. They have creativity that goes in directions that mine doesn't. 

I'm also learning that many times, people want to help. They just don't want to start things.  I love starting things. It means that I can dream big ideas. But, I often have trouble implementing and following through on my dreams. Having a team forces me to keep going and even, to give the dream that extra oomph to make it grow.

Before, I was hesitant to even work with a team. It could mean that "my" dream morphs into something that I don't want. Or I'll have to make compromises. 

And maybe those things are true and they might happen. I don't know. 

But what I do know is that dreams and life, really, aren't meant to be done alone. We need each other to make them happen, to feel alive and productive. 

I would have never learned that if I had stayed curled up with just a dream and a notebook. 

As soon as we are officially in the books with the city, I'll let you guys in on the name, date, and even our logo. It's so dang amazing!!

Thanks for following along. I'm learning so much already and I will definitely keep you guys posted! ;) 

Has anyone else seen the value of a team before in their lives? Has it ever scared you to work with a team? Or am I just crazy?

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