Wednesday, August 7, 2013

diy cell phone cozy for your car!

Back in the day, one of my best friends from high school had a fantastic little contraption in her car that I just loved. It was a cute little sock that she cut in half and fastened with a small hook on the console of her car. She put her phone in it, which not only made her car cute, but it was also super easy for her to change the current song playing, turn it off, etc. I loved it and recently decided that I would make my own. Except instead of a sock, I crocheted one!

To make this little guy, I used...

- gray Martha Stewart medium wool blend yarn
- baker's white Martha Stewart medium wool blend yarn
- Hook K (6.5 mm)
- my iPhone 4S

sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
ch = chain
sl st = slip stitch

If you are just now learning how to crochet, check out the PurlBee's helpful tutorial or YouTube it! 

(If you are making this for a phone that is different than the 4S, please make adjustments accordingly!)

1. Crochet 12 stitches in gray (or your bottom color).

 2. Sc in each ch across. Ch 1. Sc in each sc. Ch 1. Repeat for 15 rows total until you get the above picture!

3. When you have 15 rows (or the right size for your phone to fit snugly), press each side together. Use a yarn needle to sew the ends together. That's it for the bottom piece!

4. Using baker's white yarn (or your top color), ch 6.
5. Sc in each ch. Ch 2.
6. Dc in each sc. Ch 1.
7. Repeat steps 6 and 7 in order to create 19 rows. 

8. Just like with the bottom gray piece, use a yarn needle (or sl st) to connect the two together to create a wide loop.

9. You'll now have two pieces that need to be put together. You can either use a yarn needle, like above, or sl st the pieces together. Initially, I tried the yarn needle and did not like the look it created (but I did like the picture I took of it!). Sl st ended up giving it a little more of a clean look.

10. Should you chose to sl st it, this is what it will look like. You'll need to flip it inside out to hide the seam around the gray and white parts and on the side of the gray and white! 

11. And ta-da! Now all you need to do is secure a small hook (you can find a 3M hook or something of the sort at Target or Walmart) on your car console where it is easy to access. And hook it on!


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